Friday, January 8, 2021

Big News

     I am not an OF Breyer collector. I have said this many times. Though admittedly, I have seen a lot of things from Breyer in the past several years that I am very excited about. They either will make excellent performance horses, or they are just adorable stablemates that I have room for on my shelves. Over the quarantine I actually bought a few of the shrinkie 70th anniversary stablemates. I even bought a Chroma. I am not even into decorators but I really liked it. And when I got the decorator indian pony I had to keep it. She’s really pretty. It helps that IP is one of my favorite Breyer molds. I had one when I was little that I just adored.
     Me enjoying an occasional 0F model is not really big news. The big news is all of the different stuff that Breyer has planned for breyerfest 2021. I grabbed this image from the Breyer blog. Over the past week there has been a lot more news including the decision to go virtual again. There has been talk of what types of models will be available, with some new terminologies thrown out there for a few of them. There was the reveal of the celebration model, who I think is amazing, and there was a leak of one of the special models and a leak of the price of the VIP tickets. I think it was something about the coding being  on Breyer’s website and somebody took it and published the images. This is actually really sad. Breyer is creating things and to have the joy of doing the reveal taken away is just awful. I know how that feels. It’s hard to work hard on something and then have someone else ruin your fun. Not cool.

     I think the most frustrating thing about the leak, though not really all that surprising, was the reaction of many hobbyists. I don’t know when the attitude started that if you can’t personally afford something it is too expensive and then OK to throw a public fit over it. There are a lot of things that I personally can’t afford. Which is a me problem not the worlds problem. It is totally OK to be disappointed if you can’t afford something. It’s not OK to insist the cost is too high. There was a lot of complaining about the cost of the VIP tickets. Which I think is not really warranted. With the VIP tickets you got the celebration model and the full set of four stablemates from the event. You also get the opportunity to pre-select the models you want so you don’t have to gamble on whether or not you can get them. I think that is an amazing thing! I think that that sort of thing, the VIP treatment, absolutely is worth more money. I don’t know if I personally will buy buy VIP tickets, it probably depends on what models are available. If I can guarantee to get the ones I want, if I only want one or two, which is usually the case, then I may just pay for that privilege. Because it is a privilege. Breyer has never once in history as far as I know has never offered a guarantee that you would get exactly the models you want. That’s a big deal. Anyway I stand by what I said. If something is out of your price range that does not mean the thing is too high priced. It just means you can’t afford it. I have seen complaints saying that they lost their job due to covid. I can’t help but feel that if you are unemployed you should not be making unnecessary purchases. Unless you have an amazing savings account. Yes it’s disappointing, but as much as we love model horses they are not actually a necessity.

    In other big news, I MIGHT have finally managed to get an acceptable proof of address so Travis can get his ID. Finally. So hopefully in another week I can get that taken care of. It’s been a journey.

    Once Breyer officially releases ticket prices and special run models I will decide whether or not I want to buy a VIP ticket. If the leaked price is accurate it is pricey. But for a guarantee, and the ability to prepurchase, it may very well be worth it. It will also free up time on Breyerfest weekend if the shopping or trying to purchase is already taken care of. I am looking forward to the Breyer reveals. When they are ready to make them.


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