Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Bright Nights

       So many things were different in 2020 and continue to be. Holidays were different for sure. One thing that didn't have to change, much, was our trip to Bright Nights. Travis and I go most years, even though it is mostly the same every year. But it is still nice. We usually bring someone else with us, but not this year. We went on a night when it was snowing (a bit, not much) and was after Christmas, and after New Year's, so there was no waiting to get in. We also could stop and take some photos if we felt like it because no one in front, or behind us, seemed to be in a big hurry. One of my favorites is the carousel horses. For obvious reasons. 
           It makes perfect sense that Bright Nights would have a large Dr. Suess light display. Bright Nights is at Forest Park in Springfield, MA. Which is where Dr. Suess lived. Springfield, not Forest Park. Forest Park, or 178 acres of it, was owned by a man named Everett Barney. He donated the land to the city when he died. When I was in elementary school one of our favorite field trips was to forest park to do nature activities in the park. Several members of the Barney family are buried in a mausoleum on the park grounds. Really, the history of the park, a lot of which I learned over the years from different trips to the park, is fascinating. Maybe in the Spring Travis and I can head there and get photos for a series on some of the oddities in the park. There are a lot of them. 
          Back to Bright Nights. The Grinch and Max are always some of my favorites. I love the Grinch. I can't right this second remember if The Lorax is in the light display. Though the Lorax has always been my favorite Dr. Suess book. 
        There is a rose garden, in the actual rose garden. You can see in the back of the photo that there are some giraffes and elephants. They are peeking over the wall of the zoo. Funny enough, I have never been to the Forest Park Zoo. Maybe some day I will go. 
      There were lots of other lights I would have liked to get some photos of (and may already have photos of somewhere) but Alex called on FaceTime. She joined Travis and I virtually for the rest of our tour. I really like going to Bright Nights when there are not that many people. We can take our time and see all of the lights without feeling like we are holding anyone up. Plus we don't have to wait in an hour and a half long line to get in (or not get in). 
      2021 is not anything particular to me just yet. I have things I want to get into, but I am not overly motivated at the moment. I have some cool fabrics I want to make into dog beds and doll clothes, but so far that has not happened. I am somewhat lacking in motivation. Maybe tomorrow I will get some things done. 

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