Friday, January 22, 2021

Halter Pics

      I am not a halter shower. I understand it, I know you need to assign a breed that your model plausibly can be. You need to make sure it is in good condition. Then you need to put it on the table, in the correct class, and hope the judge agrees with your breed assignment. I am not a halter shower. I don't like breed assignment and I don't particularly like naming horses. Unless they are performance horses. I still care very little about the breed but the name matters more then. Recently I decided to enter the Breyerwest show. There is unlimited entry into performance but I do not have a whole ton of Breyers of any size. But I do have some. I took some performance photos, though I have a couple more horses I could get photos for if I had time, good weather and the desire to do it. I think I am lacking the desire. 
     Since I entered the show I figured I might as well put some halter horses in. Now I have to figure out things like collectability, do breed assignments... these halter pics may not end up in the show. I also had to name a bunch of horses. So please enjoy some halter pics I took recently, or in the past and dug up, and the weird and lazy names my horses have.

Lilith (who shows in performance)

Apparition (because that is what I name gray horses)

Kevin (because Jennifer said I need one)

Just Because (who is a performance horse)

Chili Pepper (who I have had since I was a kid and used to have a longer name)

Skippa Latte (who is also a performance horse, though not recently)

Butterscotch Chip (because she is butterscotch colored and I hate naming horses)

Jazz (who I named after the horse I named at the trail riding place where I used to volunteer)

Jeff (because I like that name)

Jack Daniels (because I name horses after booze)

Dot Matrix (because I am old and it has spots)

     Some of my horses should get new halter photos, but I just don't have that much desire to show in halter. I will do it because why not. Well, that's if I can figure out how to add info to the photos. I am sure once I get it everything will be easy. But until I understand it... I have a lot of photos uploaded on pony bytes with no info on them. 

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