Friday, January 15, 2021

More Cold Weather Photo

      I posted earlier in the week about my cold weather outdoor photo shoot. I wanted to get Mocha Latte some more performance photos and I managed it. Then Sunday, it was again above freezing and sunny. So I decided I would go out and start working on some OF performance photos. I wanted to redo all of the pics I took for Breyerfest last year. I just didn't like them. So far, at least until my arena gets here (if it does, the boat must be super slow!), outdoor photos are my favorite. So Sunday I set up my larger table, spread the Kinetic sand, and tacked up Bring the Mayhem for some photos. I could not decide if I liked the bendy cowboy for games...
      or the pink casual doll. I thought about not doing the game photo at all. I have Chick's saddle on him and didn't really want to change. But then I decided that I didn't really need to be matchy-matchy for games. I still am not sure which rider I like better for this. 
     I thought this photo was very funny. It shows that for photo showing, what the non-show-side of the horse looks like doesn't matter. She looked great on the side that showed so it didn't matter that her leg was way out on the other side. It made for a fun photo anyway!
       I wanted an overhead shot of this sort of elaborate poles setup. It is less basic than a lot of poles setups and I know it is an easy one to screw up. The cool thing about the middle element is I have seen it (and used it) for both trotting and cantering. I so love versatile patterns!
      I also couldn't resist doing a photo with a blurred out background. Even though I almost always lose some detail on the horse, tack or doll. I think I am missing a bit of ear on this. But I still really enjoy these pics. 
       After my photo shoot for Mayhem on Sunday I have replaced a good chunk of the photo I had for him. I have I think 6 or 7 more I need to redo to have replacements for everything. I was kind of planning on doing some this weekend, since it was supposed to be above freezing and sunny on Sunday, but the weather shifted and now that is not the case. Oh well, I have a lot of time to try to catch good weather and get some new pics. For now I at least have a handful of new ones to enjoy!

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