Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Group Gifts Are Awesome

        On January 5th I got a notification from a new group message on Facebook. Jennifer Buxton had the idea that it would be nice to get together a group gift for Kenzie Williamson to thank her for hosting the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge. This was a wonderful, month long challenge in December where people could either build a model horse barn (any scale), a tack room, an arena backdrop, or decorate a barn for Christmas. So many people joined the group and worked on barns. I built a tiny barn but didn't have a ton of time to participate. It was fun to see the pictures that would pop up in my feed. It was a very popular group and definitely helped to make December a lot more interesting. 

     So Kenzie put in a ton of work on the challenge and A whole bunch of people came together to pool some money to get Kenzie a hoodie doll. And since there was a bit more than just the cost of a hoodie doll, we also gave Kenzie a bunch of miniatures. 

       On the 7th I had the doll finished, and packed and I shared her with the gifting group. I take gifting very seriously and don't like to put things off. The new hoodie doll and her accessories were sent on the way on Friday. For once, usps didn't take her on a lengthy tour and she made it to Kenzie on Monday the 11th. Monday evening Kenzie posted in the barn raising group about receiving her gift.
      There have been lots of fun photos since then! These are just my boring photos that I took of the doll before I packed her up. If you want to see Kenzie's fun pics go check out the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge group on Facebook. 
      I am still getting a huge kick out of how much fun people are having just playing with their dolls. And I love group gifts! I have gotten to be a part of several group gifts to hobby friends. It is definitely fun too!

      Thank you Kenzie for hosting the barn raising challenge and thank you Jennifer for coming up with the idea of the group gift. This winter has been full of fun!

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Glenn Rowling said...

What a fabulous idea. I didn't have a barn to work on but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different posts and looking at photos. I have collected many ideas for a future barn