Thursday, January 28, 2021

Little Things

       I have been picking away at several projects. I am working on things for my next live sale, which will be held on Saturday March 27th. One of the things that is getting closer to being done, is a batch of cross country kits. The other day I made a big pile of watches and medbands. Then when I went to put the kits together I realized I was out of the correct size baggies for them. *sigh* always something. 
       Another little thing I have been working on is the mini backpacks. I have 3 that have a drawstring, which I definitely like, but it makes my fingers really sore to put the string in. So I tried doing just a couple of side folds and a piece of Velcro to hold it. Sometimes the Velcro doesn't  hold super well and it annoys me. But the bags don't hurt to make this way. I do like that. The cookie backpack started while I was cutting out saddle pad pieces. I didn't have enough of the fabric left for a second pad, but it was enough for a super cute backpack!
       I got the furniture I ordered from Terri Wright. I am starting to think I have a problem, lol. I now have 2 pink chairs and a pink sofa, all done in different fabrics (on purpose). I have a gorgeous bookshelf and a cute side table. I *may* also have a bed on the way (not from Terri)... I may have a problem. 
      While Terri and I were chatting about furniture, and my apparent need for a 1:9 scale lamp, I shared some of the other tiny things I have. The 3 little wood pots were ones Ethan made. The candy box has a skull on the top that is not really showing in this pic. 
      And my tiny cabinet of curiosities definitely needs more added to it. The tiny tea set is really just a place holder. Other than that I have the skull, the liver specimen, a tiny geode, and a couple of statues. 
      I really love all my tiny things. I also really wish I had space to build a 1:9 scale room box. Or house. How cool would that be? For now though I will just collect cool little things and think about ways to make maybe a collapsible 1:9 scale house. That could work. 



timaru star ii said...

Liver specimen !!????

I'm in the same boat: No barn, no space for one, not even a tackshop. I suppose my dolls could hold a picnic in the back of the Hitch Wagon.

Anne Field said...

A picnic in the back of the wagon sounds fun!