Sunday, January 10, 2021

Outdoor Show Photos in January Part 2

     So yesterday I said I had the idea to go out and do some show photos. I am pretty sure I have never done outdoor show photos in January before. But I had a plan and it seemed reasonable. I had already thawed out the kinetic sand and played with it a bit to warm it up some (and because it is fun). I went out and set up my little table with the board over it and added and spread out the sand. I sort of wish I had used the larger table, but this worked out OK. 
     Next I went it and got the doll out and got her on the horse and fiddled and adjusted. Then I went outside to the cold again. It was after all only 34 degrees, even if it was sunny. 
     The first thing that Mocha Latte did was fall over. So I put her on the potting bench and readjusted everything and then moved the table until I was sure it was in a flat spot in the lawn. I got several photos (that I planned on cropping) and it was time for props. 
     I did only 4 western entries, including this western trail setup. One of the photos I looked at later and it is incorrect. So that is right out. But the others turned out pretty well. It did take a bit of time to get my few photos, but under any circumstances it takes a bit to get nice photos. These circumstances were just colder than others. 
     After I finished my western photos I went inside to warm up and I thought about packing everything in for the day. But I decided I would take a couple of English photos. I had a hunt seat pleasure photo, but I wanted a better one (the one I had was one I sort of forced while I was taking photos of the helmet prototype for KC's Galloping Gals. Far from ideal). So I switched out the tack, grabbed an English trail pattern and went outside. I got a new pleasure photo and a trail photo. I don't know if I totally love the trail photo, but it is good for now. 
    After those 2 photos I again thought about putting everything away. But I thought Crystal might like to go for a quick ride. After all, she had never gotten to ride a horse yet. I made her so I could play with her and she has done almost nothing. So she got to do a few photos and be on Instagram. That was fun. 
     After that I decided it really was time to put everything away. Kinetic sand is so amazingly easy to clean up. I really wish they had had this when my kids were little. I am definitely glad that they have it now. 
      So my cold outdoor photo shoot turned out pretty well. I am sure it was not as long as many outdoor shoots I have done, but that is OK. It was incredibly fun to go out and do something like that in January. I added a handful more performance photos to Mocha Latte's performance photo collection, got to be out in the sun, and I got to play with a horse. It was just about a perfect day. 


timaru star ii said...

That Mocha is a beautiful color. I had to look twice at the sand container to be sure it was not cookies.

Anne Field said...

Now I want cookies...