Saturday, January 16, 2021

Fun Dolls

      Sometimes I feel like I am working incredibly slowly. The other day, after shipping out 4 dolls and some horses to be painted, I was updating my doll order book. I had no finished orders for January and that just didn't seem right to me. It sort of was. I had the group gift doll for Kenzie that had not made it into the book, so I updated that. Then I had the book character doll, and since her second cloak has just been finished she was only just getting shipped. I had a casual doll that had been on short time payments. And we were really only into the second week of January. I guess that I was not moving at a snail's pace. 
     I have for sure been taking things a bit slower. But I have been working on dolls. And smaller items for my next live sale. I got this lady finished up the other day. I really like the look of the zip up hoodie, which is my personal preference for myself. I may make some more in this style. They are not working hoodies, that would be extra time consuming to make. And tiny clothes don't hold up well to going on and off. But I definitely like the look. 
     I also finished this hoodie doll. They still seem to be super popular. I think for my live sale I will definitely make a variety of casual dolls. Other dolls as well, but since people are having so much fun with taking fun photos I will make casual dolls. Just for playing. Or for show photos. Or whatever people can dream up for them. 
     The other day I asked Ethan if he could drop off my packages at the post office while he was out. And then I tacked on the request for him to bring back wine. The Apothic blend is my favorite but it was overpriced at the store he stopped at. He chose this bottle of Dark Horse and customized the bottle for me. I feel like the Mare in Black SHOULD have their own wine. Seems perfect. 
       Saturday morning I spent a bunch of time on hold with USPS. I have a package to overseas that seems like it may have gone missing. The tracking doesn't always tell you a full story. In my experience the people that work for USPS usually know at least a bit more. Though it turns out that because that package went first class there is nothing we can do other than wait some more. Which leads me to potentially a very sad situation for my overseas customers. I may not ship first class at all anymore. It is not trackable past a certain point. I may have to only ship priority, which may be prohibitively expensive. This is all very frustrating to me. 
      In other package news I had the woman from USPS track my arena. While she could not tell me any more than I already knew about it she did tell me that if the seller files an inquiry that might help find it. And if not it will at least get the insurance coverage that is on it. I have my doubts that it would be paid if the postal service lost my package, but we will see. 

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Danielle Feldman said...

Really liking that zip up!