Monday, January 11, 2021

Laura and Kayla

      I got another new doll. I did not need this doll but I really liked her. And she was not particularly pricey. She is a Laura Croft doll and has a nice face and a reasonable outfit. Her body is articulated and she has really good joints. I like her a lot. I am sure she will be fun to play with. 
     Laura and Kayla met and I think they will be friends. Even though Kayla has questions. How can Laura possibly go exploring wearing heels? It just seems so impractical. And doesn't she know it is winter? She looks cold. 
     Kayla and Laura may very well be doing NaMoPaiMo this year, though they have not committed to it yet. They may also just hang out and occasionally amuse me. I might need to set up some scenes with them soon. I also have my other Barbie, who had a name (it may have been Kayla, lol) and Kyori, the Fashion Royalty doll is still trying to fix her face. I have done the pimple cream treatment several times now and I can't really tell if it is helping at all. I don't think it is. This last time I put her outside in the sun. Then the sun of course moved so she ended up in the shade. I will try a few more times before I give up. And if it doesn't work... I may have to see if I can handle a repaint. 

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