Saturday, January 9, 2021

Small Props Box Tour

      A week or so ago I posted about my doll army and the boxes I use to store and transport my dolls. Today I will talk a bit about my small props box and what I store in it. I got mine at Michael's. Not all of my model horse storage solutions are pink, but I am one of those people that will pay a bit more to have pink things (yes, I pay more for all of my pink shipping supplies. Worth it!). I could have gotten a box very similar to this for likely half the price if I wanted to just get any tackle/tool/craft box in no particular color. I believe many years ago I did have one that was just dark blue. My solution was to get a 50% off coupon and get the one I really wanted. Again, worth it. I would post a link but when I looked this up on I see that it is on clearance and is out of stock. There are similar craft/tackle/toolboxes (pale pink... I kind of want one) on Amazon among other places. Anyway, a tackle box of this variety is an excellent way to sort and organize smaller props. 

     The top portion of the box is roomy. I have a large variety of items in here. I honestly am not even 100% sure exactly what I have. I know I have my miniature Barbie dreamhouse, TV, a mounting block, ladder, a bag of micro horses, a smaller props box, a variety of other mystery items and my measuring stick. The measuring stick was one of the best hobby purchases ever. 
      In my tiny props box, which is kept in the top portion of the box, I keep a variety of food props, including the big bag of candy for my candy race, ice cream I have not yet found a use for, magazines, clipboards, rubber chickens and my flamingo from Lynn. I have a ton of tiny treasures in this box. One day I will lay it all out. I honestly don't really know all the things I have. 
     The first box in the main body of the large box has mostly small tack items. A variety of SMBS, jump boots, skid boots and so on. Also the all important sticky wax (though I am almost a total Zots convert), a few random small props, many of which I have never used, tweezers... this is a very important box. 
    The next box is apparently my starting-to-be-vast collection of pink grooming boxes lives in this box. I do also own the wood Breyer grooming tote. I also have almost every 1:9 scale gift bag I have ever gotten from Jennifer Buxton. I have a couple others in another box (they were with the missing Barbie stuff).
      In the bottom box I keep jump blocks and some slightly larger props, including folding chairs. Back when I bought my chairs they were incredibly hard to find and super expensive. I am glad I found a source that allows me to offer them for less. This box also contains a few costumes and live show emergency items. You never know when you will need tape, scissors, or super glue. 
     One of these days I may also take you all on a tour of my large props tote. That one is also organized by having a bunch of smaller boxes in a larger box. Though a few of the boxes are still a bit messy and I am not completely sure of all the things I have in there. Maybe some day, when I have a ton of free time (lol, that's funny!) I will do a complete props inventory, with photos!

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