Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Book Character

     I have made a ton of hoodie dolls in the past few months. But every once in a while people still ask me to make some unusual dolls. And every once in a while I decide to scare them with the ugly stage. The very first photo I took of this lady (I don't know her name or the name of the book because I just needed the reference so I cropped out the title) was an ugly mess. Though the cloak is actually fairly complete. 
I stopped taking progress shots after the very first  one but decided to get this one of her in-progress boots and gauntlets. They are the correct shape to match up with the reference, but they are definitely the wrong color. 
      In the end I got everything to look just about the way it was supposed to by painting it. I added some matte finish to help protect the paint. I like how she came out. Though it is only my artist interpretation of the cover artist's interpretation of the book character. She's fun though. 
      She also has a removable cloak. I love cloaks and I wish there was more use for them in model horses. Or that they were fashionable in real life. 
      So another unusual doll finished to add to my book. I am starting to work on getting things made for my next live sale. That one will be at the end of March. This time around I am going to try to start with all the smaller things, instead of trying to get those done at the end. Maybe I will feel less stressed if I have all the small stuff done and only have dolls to work on. We'll see. 


Lynn Isenbarger said...

That doll is absolutely amazing. Wow!!

Glenn Rowling said...

Love the doll. And those boots are amazing 💜