Monday, January 18, 2021

We Have Prizes!

      I have been thinking about photo shows a lot lately. It is sort of surprising to me that I am so excited about them. I did a lot of photo showing for years, but I have not actually been excited about it in a long time. But something has shifted lately. Maybe it is the lack of live shows, though we didn't have tons and tons of live shows even when they were safe to hold. Maybe it is just fun to have a new/old way to play with horses. 
     Even though it is still a couple of months until the Spring 2021 edition of the Field of Dolls Online show, that doesn't mean I am not thinking about prizes. I am always thinking about prizes. Recently, when I bought my Breyer tent set, I also ordered a few blind bag stablemates and some stickers. Most people do love stickers after all. I also found an extra doll coat I am not using and I ordered 2 first aid kits from Enterprise props. The prize stash has been started. 
I also got LOTS of 3D printed items from Carra McClelland. 

       Carra sent me a variety of 3D printed props in all scales. This is super cool!

       They will take a bit of prep work to be ready to award, but that is OK. 
       So many prizes!
     Carra also sent me some custom printed fabric from Spoonflower. I will never say no to awesome fabric from Spoonflower!
     I even like the straw she sent, though I am pretty sure this was just meant to be packing material. I am going to use it as straw though. Or maybe award it as a prize since I don't actually have a barn. 
      I had a bunch of miniatures I ordered also show up, though I have not managed to get any photos yet, or get them sorted. I have all the placing prizes, a variety of other cool miniatures and some blind bag miniatures! I have NO idea what they are! I thought those would be really fun prizes. I hope they are fun. As with the last show, any and all donations are welcome!

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Danielle Feldman said...

I should have coordinated with you on miniature prizes for prize placings for my show. I hope what I'm getting isn't a complete repeat (although there is no such thing as too many Starbucks miniatures...)