Sunday, January 31, 2021


     I have been picking away at all the accessories for my next live sale. I was working on another batch of little backpacks. 
And I managed to get 4 more finished. For some reason I seem to work on them in batches of 4, I have no idea why, but that seems to be the way I have been doing it. 
       I had a big stack of saddle pads all cut out and ready to be sewn. 
      After I got several doll outfits made I got those 9 saddle pads finished. I think I have 11 more prepped and ready for sewing. I just need to find the time for another long session at the sewing machine. I have bareback pads ready to be sewn as well. 

      I put in an order with Spoonflower the other day for some more cute micro print fabrics. I worked with a few of the designers to get the small patterns shrunk down even further. I am pretty excited but what I have coming. I have plans for more mini backpacks, saddle pads, and backpacks! So far I am enjoying making the backpacks, but it has been a battle trying to get myself to work on the saddle bags. So far I am losing. 


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timaru star ii said...

Maybe you can bribe yourself with a particular prize [to work on saddle bags]. Sometimes that works for me.