Wednesday, February 10, 2021

1:9 Scale Bed

        Katy Niles made a 1/9 scale bed for Corina Roberts. I saw it and became extremely jealous that I did not have a 1/9 scale bed... and then Corina got bunk beds too! I asked Katy if she would make one for me and she agreed. So I ordered a queen sized bed and Katy sent me photos of design options as she worked. This is what she came up with. And I love it!
       I got myself a piece of foam batting that is meant for a thin chair cushion. I cut out a big rectangle for the mattress and a couple of small rectangles for pillows. Then I sort of beveled the edges of the pillow pieces. 
       Then I cut out some material for sheets, pillow cases and a comforter. They don't match the style of the bedframe AT ALL, but they match the style of me very well. And that is what matters. 
Once the pillow batting was in the pillow cases they actually looked really nice. 
And I think the fitted sheet (which is a full mattress cover) came out nicely. 

       I also made a top sheet with sort of a fancy edge, like most real top sheets have. I hemmed all around the comforter... and it was too big. So I trimmed it and it was better. I like how the bedding look right now, but I don't know that this really cute comforter really works for it. I had to tuck it in at the foot of the bed and on both sides to get it to look nice like this. I think I will have to make a new blanket, in a different style. Maybe something with horses on it...
      So now I have a proper 1:9 scale bed to add to my collection of 1:9 scale "dollhouse" furnishings. And I have some more coming...

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Katy said...

THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Yayayayay!!