Wednesday, February 3, 2021


     NaMoPaiMo started on Monday. If you are not family with it it is the National Model Painting Month started several years ago by Jennifer Buxton. I have signed up to participate every single year, though the first year I never even finished getting my horse prepped. Since then I have learned to make sure I have my horse prepped before February. I actually have kept a whole bunch of horses prepped in the last several years. Just in case I feel the need to paint something. It happens once in a while. 
      Last year Travis joined us to paint and he said that this year he wanted to paint again. He chose the Shrinky Smart Chic Olena and said he will paint it brown. Brown horses are Travis's thing. I agree, it is a good color for a horse. I need to get some primer on this model. 
      I didn't know if I would have any time for Minis Painting Minis, since I feel that I am really busy these days. Little Elecktra (my doll) participated last year but she is currently off visiting hobby friends so can't participate with me. I hear a rumor she might be participating anyway...
      When I bought Kayla I also bought a variety of 1:6 scale items that would be good to set up painting scenes with. I almost didn't sign her up, but I figured if I don't do it, I might regret it. She may or may not finish her horse, but at least she is signed up. 
       I also got Laura signed up. She looks like she may take this challenge very seriously! I also want to note that I put almost no thought into which horse these dolls would be painting. I grabbed two of the prepped ones and that was pretty much it. 
     So Travis, Kayla, Laura and I are all signed up for NaMoPaiMo. Now the question is if any of us will finish our models by the end of February. Only time will tell. 

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