Friday, February 19, 2021

Quigley Down Under

        There are dolls that are challenging because of the enormous amount of detailed they have or because of how many steps they take to make them. Then there are dolls that are challenging because they need to look as like a specific person/character as I can make them. I don't sculpt dolls (I am really bad at it) and we have not (yet) progressed to 3D printed heads of specific people, so the best I can do is try to match the overall look of a person/character. That is what I did with Quigley. I finished him up and sent photos to the customer, asking if I should dirty up the clothes. The answer was yes and make the hair longer please. 

      Longer hair on a male doll is challenging. They all have molded on hair so they can't be haired in the traditional way I do doll hair. So I carved off some of the molded hair, cut a trench in the top of the head, made some wefts with a bit of ultra suede and got to work. In the end I managed it. And the dirty clothes. 
     Dirtying up clothes to make them look much more like good, lived in work clothes, is a lot of fun. Staining up a plastic Mego hat was a new and challenging experience, but eventually I managed it. I am thinking I may need to make a few dirty cowboys for my next live sale. It's been a minute since I have done any of them. I am sure there is still dirty ranch work to be done. 
        I didn't get a ton of dolls finished this week, I would have liked to, but it didn't happen. I did managed to finish up this not overly challenging, but a bit more challenging than average doll, which helped ease my brain a bit. I think I have just one really complex doll left to make and then the rest should be a lot easier. The challenging dolls definitely keep me on my toes, but they sure do weigh on my brain. 

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timaru star ii said...

This one makes me grin. I think you managed fine. I do wonder whether having the neckerchief in front is affecting his breathing though.