Wednesday, February 17, 2021


     I have been busy with a lot of things lately. Sometimes it is just my brain telling me I need to work more. Silly brain. Sometimes it is just too many things going on to be able to get to all the things I would like to do. That is definitely a thing with me. Little Elecktra is visiting with Allison Pareis and I have not seen too much for photos yet. The anticipation is killing me! But I remind myself that Allison has a life and has things to do other than take pictures of my doll to amuse me. I did see this photo she posted the other day though. Little Elecktra has been hanging out with Action Stan. I believe they are getting ready to do some fun things in Muncie and for NaMoPaiMo. I am really looking forward to it! After Little Elecktra visits at Allison's house for a bit, she may need to stop home to get some new glasses and maybe get her hair done. I have a much better way I do doll hair now after all. But she still has a lot of places she needs to go and visit so it would just be a quick stop!
Photo by Allison Pareis

     Jessica Carini sent me this really beautiful photo the other day. I love it so much! Even with the snow (I am not a fan of snow). This is definitely an excellent example of making a doll look less like a doll.
Photo by Jessica Carini

     I also really love this photo that Jessica shared with me. It's really well done. And again, the dolls don't look much like dolls. Though the lady on the left looks a little bit cold without her vest on, lol. 
Photo by Jessica Carini

      Seeing these great doll photos, and thinking about NaMoPaiMo, reminds me that I am being the ultimate slacker when it comes to my dolls and NaMoPaiMo. "They" have not done ANY work on their horses so far. I will have to get around to fixing that soon. 


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timaru star ii said...

Jessica Carini's 1st photo looks inspired by the Russian Hunt photos I saw on Kate Cabot's FB. A collar of jewels for one's dog, yay wow!

As for ultimate slackers, well, that's a debatable title right about now...! You might be in the running but I'm sure there are better competitors for it...