Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Semi-Mass Produced

      During my vacation last week I got a bunch of stuff done. Not all of it was doll related, but some of it certainly was. I made some shirts from the cool new mini fabrics I got from Spoonflower recently. I really love how they came out. 
       I also cut out clothes for 12 (I think) casual dolls, in several varieties, for my live sale. I am going to do the jeans and hoodies dolls that I have been doing, but also hoodies and breeches. Because everyone likes variety. Or at least I do. I am also going to make some casual western dolls, mostly with cool new mini fabrics. Sooner or later I will probably also make some other types of dolls. But I am starting with casual dolls. 

     Ethan's birthday was last week and he decided he wanted burgers and fries for supper. Which is super simple if you eat carb laden foods, which we don't. We made the rolls out of a "cornbread" (not a speck of corn in them) recipe we tried recently. I had made cornbread muffins the first time around and Ethan used one of the leftover ones as a hamburger roll and said it was pretty amazing. So I made them bigger and we tried them out again. Well, I think they needed to be cooked even longer than we cooked them and perhaps done the day before. They were super crumbly, though really delicious. We also had jicama fries. It was a very messy supper. But really good!
     I also haired several heads. I am going to need to do a lot of doll heads for all of the casual dolls I have planned. I am not going to do all of them with fun colored hair, but I think a lot of them. I enjoy the fun hair colors. 

     I also got this guy in the mail the other day. Do you think he looks scared? I do. And he should be. He is going to get customized. And I have pretty much no practice with that. Can I do it? Maybe. Will I ruin this horse? Possibly. Is that going to stop me? Not even a little. 

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