Thursday, February 11, 2021

All Kinds of Minis

     Recently I asked Maire if she happened to have some small scraps of fabric she could spare. Maire has a very impressive collection of fabric, especially in mini prints. She sent me a great variety of pieces and I used a bunch of them to make some more mini backpacks. I especially love the pink plaid, which I think I may have to keep for myself. But I may duplicate it so I have one to offer at my live sale. 
     I ordered some more dog bowls and bones from HandcraftedbyKari on etsy, and I got some things to add to the prize pool for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show. My plan is to again have a large variety of prizes both for the big winners and for door prizes. I am really into the mystery bag concept for prizes. I got a big batch of miniature items for class prizes and other prizes, including a bunch of mystery miniatures. I really have no idea what could be in them!
      At the end of January Terri Wright of Priam Costumes, held a sale. It was not quite a live sale, but the format reminded me a bit of a live sale. Terri gave us the start time and the rules for claiming items. You needed to be on line when the photos, with the claim numbers, went up every 15 minutes. And then you had to hope you were the fastest to type in your claim. I got one of Terri's horse lamps, the exact one I wanted. I missed out on the first table I tried for, but I actually like this super fancy one better. I also got the brass tea set I wanted, though I don't know that anyone else was interested in that. But I love miniature tea sets and used to have a large collection of them. Now I just have a few and they are all tiny. I also asked Terri if she had any pink rugs, since clearly, my dollhouse with no walls needs a pink rug.
      The same day my items from Terri arrived I also got a box of fun things I ordered from Michelle Weitman of Rockin W Ranch-Hobbies. I ordered a whole bunch of helmets (because I would much rather pay for a nice plastic helmet than make a sculpy helmet that is both fragile and time consuming) and I remembered she started printing some kitchen chairs and tables. I asked if I could include a set in my order and she had black and brown on hand. And I do love black. I feel like this kitchen table really wants a white vase with some red roses in it. She also sent this pink horse headboard and footboard as a surprise! Now I need to make some bed rails and some more bedding. This will be a cute little twin sized doll bed. 
      I have a good amount of stuff for prizes for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show, which will be open for entries in the middle of March. Sometime soon I should get them out and make sure I photograph everything and get the photos into the prize albums in the Facebook group. As with the last show I am open to any and all donations. I would love to have a really vast prize pool. And while I do have a pretty good start, more prizes are always better!


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Braymere said...

I have a whole box of prizes for you here. I just need to get them in the mail!