Saturday, February 6, 2021

Customer Photos and Stickers

      I really enjoy getting customer photos. Whether it is a "loot" photo after one of my live sales, a single order, or just show photos, I love seeing people having fun with their dolls. Dolls should be fun after all. 
      The other day I got a photo of the orange (but not too orange) doll I made recently. I think the colors work really well for this horse. 
     On the same day I received this one. I believe this horse was painted to go with the doll. That is not usually the way things are done but I like it! And I think they look really nice together. 
      Recently I have noticed that people are having a lot of fun just playing with their dolls. And another thing people are really into recently (or maybe within the past several years) is stickers. I decided I wanted to get behind that. So I had several of my performance and fun photos made into stickers. I think I am going to include these with orders. If people seem to like them I may keep it up. I do love getting packages that have little fun extras like stickers. Stickers make me happy. 

     The Breyer Bootcamp show is open for entries and I think we have 2 weeks to get those in. I need to get on that. Then at some point, but I don't remember exactly when, I am judging youth performance. Hmm, it looks like I need to learn how judging goes on Pony bytes.


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