Sunday, February 7, 2021

Pony Bytes

     Friday the entries for Breyer Bootcamp opened. I had a lot going on on Friday so didn't have a chance to get to entering until Saturday morning. I made sure to already have my photos, with their descriptions, loaded on the Pony Bytes site, which is the platform for the online show this year. Since the Bootcamp rules state that a single horse can only show in one whole division and 2 classes outside of their main division, I had a show plan. It was color coded by horse so I could easily go through my photos in my gallery and copy them to their show galleries. 
     It was so easy. 
     Putting the photos on Pony Bytes, and adding the descriptions and documentation, did take a bit of time. But that is the only time I will need to do that. Actually entering a show is very quick, easy, and painless. I entered 37 performance photos and 11 halter photos in about 45 minutes. That time included having to upload a photo and add the description because I previously forgot to do it. So in a super short time I am done entering the show. Now I just need to wait for the judging. 
     The My Entries tab on the site made it easy to show exactly where I entered my photos. It took me a bit to confidently figure out if I had things correct when I first started adding my photos to the website, but once you have it down, it is super quick. So far I really like it. 
     This weekend I also solved the problem of not possessing a miniature sewing machine. I now own a doll sized sewing machine, which is much fancier than either of my real sewing machines. Now my dolls can work on art, sewing, and all sorts of things. Maybe Crystal can start working on some tiny dolls, that could be fun.
     The last I checked the tracking, my Blick order should arrive today. I am really looking forward to trying out the Pan Pastels and seeing what I can do with those. I have not made much progress on my NaMoPaiMo horse and I would like to remedy that soon. 

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