Friday, February 26, 2021

I Did It!

       I have signed up to participate in NaMoPaiMo every year for the past 5 years. The first year I did not even finish prepping my mule and I definitely didn't get any painting done. The second year I prepped that same mule and had her ready before February. This year I had prepped horses, a plan, a little bit of experience, and no fear. The photo below was of my horses while they waited for the brand new (expensive) matte finish to be applied. 
        I was really excited to try this finish, I had heard so many good things from people about it. So when I got it I shook it and shook it and went to read the instructions... which are all in characters that I can't read! So I treated it like any other matte finish. That did seem to work
      This is far from the best photo, but it does show a bit of the toned down shine on these horses. 
      After I had everyone sprayed with a couple of coats of matte I did the hooves, added back in a bit more black, "erased" the white parts on those, and I really like how those worked out. This is actually my favorite angle of this model. 
     So for the 4th year in a row I can say I did it! I finished painting a model horse in the month of February. I chose a color that was challenging for me and worked at it to make it the best that I could. 
      It's possible that next year I could do a better job. I just don't really know. But I do know that I tried several things on this model, a lot of the things I did were totally new to me, and in the end he came together. 
       I love his two toned mane and tail. I love the white bits in his dark legs. 
       I really love his right nostril, lol! This is not a great photo of it, but there is the darker gray, some white, and pinking. It came together in a very realistic way. This is a piece where I look at it am amazed that it is something I did. I am really proud. 
     Kayla and Laura also finished their models for minis painting minis. They are much happier about it than they look. 
      Since, clearly, I also painted the micros for the dolls, here is my group shot of the 3 models I painted in February. I LOVE the bay on that micro Harmony model! I did most of Barnaby in eyeshadow, did acrylic for his dapples and white markings, used some pan pastels on him and his hooves are pan pastels and Prismacolor pencils. I went crazy with him! Harmony is all pan pastels other than mane, tail and eyes. Pan pastels are my new favorite thing. 
     I took this group shot because I know how much Jennifer Loves them. Monet is my mule from 2018. I think she turned out cool, and she does look like the reference, but I really had NO idea what I was doing. Hugh Can Do It, my 2019 horse, taught me that doing a bit more, and then a bit more, can really bring your horse to another level. He is still something I am super proud of. Beauty Queen was the first traditional scale model I have painted that wasn't a total embarrassment. I am still happy with her, mostly, but I may go back over her with a bit more shading in Pan Pastels. Partly Sunny, who is my 2021 horse, is the nicest thing I have ever painted. Ever. I worked really hard on him. I spent hours and hours dappling and shading and fixing. He is still not perfect, but for now, he is the absolute best that I can do. And I am definitely proud. 
      I don't plan to stop painting now that NaMoPaiMo is just about done for the year. I have a lot of horses in base coats, a new love for Pan pastels, and ideas. I will make sure to share my results.

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timaru star ii said...

Good post. Congratulations! The best part is we don't really have to wait until Feb to paint again... do we...