Friday, February 5, 2021

Letters Home- California part 2

     Today we are continuing with the adventures of my doll, Little Elecktra, as she travels around visiting hobby friends. She is currently in California visiting with Corina Roberts who took all the photos in this post. 

Hi Mom!
    California is so much fun! Grace and I have been out riding a lot. The mountains are so gorgeous! Grace and I had a really excellent time working on some natural trail courses. 
     It snowed the other day and I rode Cherez. He was so well behaved. I have never been riding in the snow. It was definitely a new experience!

      Sky has been trying this out on her own for a while and it was not working. I'm glad I got to see the successful attempt! I kind of want to try something like this. I know it would scare you mom, but it looks so fun!
     Grace and Sky have been excellent to stay with. We have been riding so much, talking about Grace's NaMoPaiMo horse, playing with the animals and basically just having an amazing time!

     I rode several horses, rode in the mountains of California, got to visit my cousin and got to try out some new things. It really was an excellent visit!
      But all visits need to come to an end eventually. Grace and I headed into town to go to Starbucks before I left. It has been a really wonderful visit and I think I may need to come back some time! I am off to my next destination and will write more soon.
     Little Elecktra
     Little Elecktra is off to Indiana to stay with Allison Pareis for a bit. It's NaMoPaiMo and I know Tiny Tony is probably hard at work (or not working at all). I can't wait to see what they get up to!

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