Sunday, November 28, 2021

Black Friday Live Sale; Before and After

          Guess who forgot to write a post last night? It was me. I thought about it, twice at least, and then it just went out of my head. It happens. I spent the evening with my family for the most part, and then did a bunch of reading. And I pushed all of the thoughts of printing shipping labels away. I was even mostly successful at it. 
          Before the live sale I had everything nicely organized and ready to go. At least that is what I thought. I think, this time around, I was even mostly right about things. My semi-live sale set-up is a storage tote for a desk, with my laptop, external battery (for my cell phone), sharpie, and my rules, schedule and trivia questions. I also have all of the different types of items nicely sorted. The plan was for a low-key, not crazy sale. Mostly I accomplished that. 
      The end of the sale had a similar level of organization, but also a whole lot of bags with people's names on them. The great thing about the semi-live sales is I have a really easy to look at record of who claimed what if anyone, myself included, thinks I made a mistake. The "loves" on each comment can easily show me who was first to claim. It doesn't mean I won't goof if two people with the same first name claim the same exact item. It happened the last time. I "loved" the comment of one of them and put the item in the bag of the other person. Oops. I did however just remake the item so the one who should have gotten it did get it. 
      This time around I didn't lose anyone's bag. Everything was paced slowly enough that I could easily resort when a new person claimed an item. I got behind on sorting and "loving" comments once in a while. Some of that was chit-chatting. Some of it was never actually knowing exactly how long I need to sort things. I think I did pretty well this time though. There were not too many times where things dragged. I didn't goof on my math and leave 13 minutes between items. I can probably cut down the time between trivia and the next item a bit. But in general I think the pacing is good. It still means that the sale is roughly 2 hours long. But knowing that ahead of time might be helpful to someone. It's kind of helpful to me. Anyway, I am now back to the place of struggling to come up with things to post about. Let's see what, if anything, I can come up with. 



Anonymous said...

How about if you go through some of your herd and tell us about how you got them and why they are special, or about their showing careers? I love to hear about other people's collections!

timaru star ii said...

I enjoyed dropping in on your sale, and am cheered to hear you think it went well. Kudos for practice!