Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dolls, Struggles, Updates

     Last week I was struggling. A lot. But I sort of have been for a while. I managed to finished these 4 dolls last week, which should be good, but I already had them all well started before last week. I have been working extremely slowly. And everything I did was a struggle. It's been rough. 
      Then all of a sudden on Saturday I had a ton of energy. I went from feeling worse, mentally, than I have in years (and for longer than ever) to feeling really great mentally. I went from feeling very sluggish and exhausted to feeling very energetic. Maybe it is the new keto supplements I am taking. Maybe it's just a coincidence of time. Maybe it's because I did things outside of when my brain says they are OK to be done, I am not really sure. But let me explain that last one. 
       For years my brain has told me that there are times of the day when it is just too late to go out and do things. I can't go out to do pretty much anything in the late afternoon, because it will get in the way of cooking supper, or taking care of something else I need to do. Now I tell my brain that sandwiches are just fine (yes I have found some really AMAZING keto bread!). My brain has also told me that I can't go out to do errands, or much of anything, after supper. I have no idea why. But Saturday I decided I was going to Ulta after supper. And then we all went... to Barnes and Noble, which is next door to Ulta (I did go to Ulta first, and then to Barnes and Noble). Sunday the kids and I went to Northampton (to another bookstore...) and then did the needed errands in the late afternoon. And the sky didn't fall. And I didn't feel exhausted or like I had wasted the weekend. It was really cool.
     So whether or not my supplements, which are supposed to give me energy, are working or whether I just managed to snap out of whatever funk I was in, things are a lot better. So far this week in school we have still had some weird and challenging times. I have had some bits of classes where I was really annoyed (the behavior this year is super bad), but I can get past that and have a good rest of my day. I can come home and get some work done. I really like that. 
     I still have all sorts of things going on but my black Friday sale is coming up fast. Only about 2 and a half weeks now! So I am thinking I will finish up some dolls this week and maybe circle back to some small stuff for next week. But as usual, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. 


timaru star ii said...

Congratulations, and Thanks for sharing! You are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

so glad this are looking up for you :)