Monday, November 15, 2021


     Yesterday I had the idea that I was going to work on making removable helmets either while I was waiting for the laundry to dry, when I got home from doing the laundry, or both. Do you know what I decided to do instead? I read a book. Which is in fact one of my favorite things to do. It does potentially put me a little bit behind on completing my goals to get ready for my live sale, but I currently don't care. Yes, it is very important for me to create inventory because my doll business is my job. But I had somewhat of a busy weekend and I wanted a break. So I read a book. Good for me. 
     School was interesting yesterday. Most of the day was pretty good. One class there was a student that exploded at the teacher for absolutely nothing. And then refused to leave the room when asked. It was not a good situation. But it was handled pretty well. We took a walk with the other kids while the principal and assistant principal worked on getting the kid to leave the room. This really is the strangest school year ever. And I am including the 2020 shutdown and last year's hybrid stuff. Both of those things were weird and a bit challenging to deal with, but this year is a whole different level of strange and hard to deal with. But we are making it through. Term 1 is done, just 3 more to go. And only 4 more days this week and then next week we have a couple of days off for Thanksgiving. Holy crap, that means my black Friday sale is next week! I guess I should get to advertising a bit more. 
     So yesterday was mostly just a day. School was not super great or super bad, I did laundry, I read some. I am fine with mostly uneventful. I would love for a bit more uneventful. We don't really need to have situations with students being abusive to staff (far too common this year I am sad to say) or needing to be removed. I would much rather super boring. Maybe we can have that today. 
     Speaking of today, my plan is to get some more work done for my live sale, which with be on November 26th (black Friday) at 3:00 ET on my Facebook studio page. It will again be a semi-live sale like the last one. 

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timaru star ii said...

Books are definitely good. I'm all for someone who recognizes they truly deserve a break.
Yes it has been a strange year. I think you've described it pretty well.