Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Plethora of Details About Field of Dolls Online Show

       I have been talking about the Field of Dolls Online Show for over a month. I posted about it on the Facebook group Online Photo Show Central. I created a show page specifically for the Field of Dolls Online show (also on Facebook). I have mentioned it at least several times a week since then. I don't get tired of talking about the show. I am excited about it. I love showing, especially performance, and I love prizes. The Field of Dolls Online Show is going to have LOTS of prizes! So for anyone that has missed all the details, here are some important ones. 

Field of Dolls Online Show page on Facebook  this is still the best place to get updates. 

Entry form

Entry Fee: $20 and includes shipping of prizes. International showers are welcome!

Entry opens: October 16, 2020

Entry closes: November 20, 2020

Judging begins: November 21, 2020

Super Detailed instructions on loading to SmugMug :

Hostess contact:

Results: December 5, 2020 I will do a (partial) livestream of results. This will include, at minimum, champs and reserves, but potentially also class winners. It will also include door prize drawings. Full results will be available on the Field of Dolls Studio Blog. As well as on the Field of Dolls Online Show page on Facebook.

Judges: Anne Field (other performance), Marisa Spence (English), Liesl Dalpe (Western), Specialty classes will be triple judged by all 3 of us. 

Show Site:

Login email:     Password: Fieldofdollsonline 

Please make sure you have filled out your entry form and paid your entry fee before you load photos. 

This is 2 shows in one. A traditional class list and a specialty/creative entry show. The specialty/scene Entries for the traditional classes will be single judged on real horse show rules. The classes are separated by OF and AR/CM. The specialty/scene classes will be triple judged on concept and execution. Concept includes interpretation of the theme and overall creativity. Execution includes correctness of the entry and photo quality. The specialty classes will be combined OF, AR and CM. 

Champs, Reserves and winners of the specialty/scene classes will be featured on the Field of Dolls Studio blog.

Prizes: Miniatures for 1st-6th place in each regular class. Miniature rosettes for champs and reserve in each section. Miniature rosettes for 1st-6th place in each specialty class with miniature rosettes for champ and reserve. Overall champion and reserve champions, in both OF and AR/CM, will win a prize pack. The overall SHOWER (most 1sts) will receive their choice of a western pleasure or hunt seat doll. The overall reserve SHOWER (second most 1sts) will receive their choice of a casual western doll (no chaps) or a casual English doll. There will also be a variety of door prizes. All prize donations are welcome!

Realistic backgrounds are not required. It is best if they are not cluttered and distracting though. 

No class limits. Showers may enter as many pictures as they'd like, but individual models can only have one picture per class.

*All entries should include a model horse*.

Info to include on photo:

Model name





Please include a link to any documentation. It can be loaded in the documentation folder on Smug Mug or linked from an external site (for example, from imgur)

Field of Dolls Online Show Class list 

Other Performance

1. Harness

2. Regalia

3. Parade

4. Showmanship

5. Saddleseat

6. Other Performance



 7. Stock work

8. Patterned Western (reining, Western Dressage, etc.)

9. Western Trail

10. Western Games

11. Other Western

12. Western Pleasure



 13. over fences

14. Dressage

18. English Games

15. EnglishTrail

16. Other English

17. Hunt seat pleasure



18. Dolls

19. Food

20. Miniatures

21. Projects

22. Funny

23. Other

If I have missed anything, or you would like to donate to the show, please send me an email at Happy Showing!



Danielle Feldman said...

Entered! (and super excited!)

Anne Field said...

I am very excited that you entered Danielle!