Monday, October 19, 2020

Sunday Fun

        Sunday was super cold. One of those days where it takes half the day to warm up because your bones are cold. I hate days like that. But it was the perfect day to cook a turkey and have the oven on for a large chunk of the day. And then there was turkey. 

        I also managed to do some sewing. Lynn Isenbarger sent me this extra flamingo fabric with the awesome flamingo haversack she sent me a bit ago. I finally got around to making my flamingo mask. And it is awesome! Thank you again for the fabric Lynn!

      I also have been meaning to make a couple more masks for my friend Kate. She told me the ones I made are the only ones her son wears. Well then, I had to go back to my original design (as close as I could get) and make him some more masks. I made Travis a new one as well. I have had the Mandalorian mask prepped for him for at least a month, maybe longer. I fought with the sewing machine a little bit too. I got to listen to Mares in Black #54. I'm telling you, early access to the show is an excellent reason to be a patron. That, Zoom parties, and supporting some amazing people that bring a really unique thing to our hobby. I'm into that. 
      Other than being cold and fighting with the sewing machine I also worked on some more prizes for the Field of Dolls Online Show. I said I would TRY not to buy anything else (didn't work, I bought some more stuff) but I didn't say I wouldn't make anything. I bought the file for the 1:6 scale money and I rescaled it to be 1:9 scale. I can't sell it, but it can be prizes! Same with the really cool miniature packages. I can use them as prizes but not sales pieces. I feel the hobby has been seriously lacking in properly scaled money for a long time. And the tiny packages are just ridiculously cute! I will likely get some more packages finished before the show. 
     Sunday was a pretty good day. I made a mask for myself, one for Travis, a couple for my friend's son, fixed a couple I made for Angelique. I made some prizes, watched some Drag Race. It was a good day. And there was turkey. Now I am hoping this will be a good week. 


Danielle Feldman said...

Sounds like a productive day. Love all those fun prizes you made. So realistic! I need to get cracking on taking photos!

timaru star ii said...

I have seen mini dollar bills in Dollar Race entries, for Gymkhana. But as a larger issue, yes, there does seem to be a lack of interesting relevant dollhouse miniatures as a whole. This was not the case at a German show I attended in 2007.