Monday, October 5, 2020

Youth Dolls

      I had several youth dolls in the works recently. One of them was to be a shortish adult doll, but she started out life as a Breyer youth doll. Then I took her all apart and made her something different. It was fun. I do like doing things that are a bit different, at least once in a while. 
      I also made a youth doll into an actual youth rider doll. Not super young, but not grown. She is meant to ride jumpers I believe. At this point, if the USPS has not completely dropped the ball, she should be home. 
    While she was here she rode Bacon. Bacon is a nice saddle pig, but not great as a jumper. This was fun for me anyway. 
    I had another youth doll in the works at the same time and she was meant to be a younger girl. She was made to fit my pony, Lilith, and to fit my smallest pony saddle. But she rode my cute pig that sits on my kitchen window and doesn't have a name. If I am to follow along with horrible names for pigs she will need to be named Sausage or Pork Chop. Who knows. She's cute though. 
     And the doll turned out pretty cute. Maybe one day we will have a really wonderful, articulated youth doll that can be a nice young rider and doesn't take an enormous amount of plastic surgery to make usable. for now though I will just have to keep talking myself into making these kids once in a while. Someone needs to ride the pigs. 



Wyoming Artwork said...

"Someone needs to ride the pigs..." LOL. XD

timaru star ii said...

Now you've waved the red flag before the bull. "Not named yet..." How about a spice name, less meaty but still appropriate for sausage? Fennel, sage, parsley, garlic, paprika, marjoram, clove...?