Saturday, October 24, 2020

Fancy Sleigh Dolls

      Sometimes I make typical model horse dolls. Western pleasure, Hunt seat, casual dolls of several kinds. But sometimes I get asked to make more unusual dolls. These are a couple of them. Jennifer sent me a ton of reference for this pair of sleigh dolls from the Netherlands. I tried to get in all of the little details, or at least as close as I could manage. 
     Strangely, I discovered that it was the lady's top shawl that was the hardest thing to make! But I managed it, and while it is not an exact duplicate, I think she at least looks warm. The "wooden" shoes the man is wearing are not even sort of made of wood. But careful foot shaping, some really flexible leather, paint and clear nail polish and I think I faked it pretty well. 
     This pair was definitely different from most of the dolls I typically make. I can't wait to see their whole setup all put together!


Lynn Isenbarger said...

You creativity and ability to figure out how to dress dolls (such as those shoes) never fails to amaze me. The dolls look great!

timaru star ii said...

'Faking it' is one way to put it. I would rather state that you successfully shrank something. Miniaturization is an art, and you are an artist.

By the way I'm jealous of that fur-clad red doll. I have a red sleigh and a russet harness,...