Friday, October 30, 2020

Special Horses

       Yesterday I posted about sorting through all of the things in my house, finding Kayla's couch, and my vision for 1/6 scale collection for the (possibly distant) future. While I was digging around in the closet I found some other things. A couple of which are some very special horses. 

        I have mentioned in the not-too-distant past that I started collecting horses by stealing 2 Breyers my mom had. I would not leave them alone and eventually she just gave them to me. One of them is a Clydesdale Mare, that I had painted (with mom's blessing) who lives up on my resin shelf. The other is an alabaster fighting stallion. Or he was, now he is sort of yellow. This horse is older than I am by a good amount. His ear tips were broken off sometime before I was born. This is a very special horse who will never leave me. His name is lightning. Currently he lives in a tote in the closet because I have a serious lack of shelf space. He's also tall and doesn't fit on the shelves I have at the moment. But some day he will be displayed again. I have thought about putting him in a sunny window to try to cut down the yellow, but I am afraid for him. He is really old after all. 

       Another special horse that I will never sell (but currently lives in the tote in the closet) is Romanesque, a Misty's Twilight. Ethan bought me this horse as a Christmas present the year we started dating. He bought me a mini resin for my 30th birthday. Those are the 2 horses he has gotten for me in 21 years. Both are quite special. I had a Misty's Twilight from when I was younger, but she has been gone for years. Romanesque (who never got a new name...) will always be here. 
      I do have some other special horses, one is a very old, unidentified horse my Grandmother had that I inherited when she passed. One of these days I will climb up and take it off the very high shelf and get a photo. I also have my classic Arabian family that I should get a pic of. They were part of my secret hobby guilt when I was a teenager. 

      Even though some of the special horses live in a box and some are on a high shelf that I can't easily get to, they are very important to me. Through all of the collection purges they have stayed, and they always will. And I will always appreciate them for where they came from as much as, or more, than for what they look like. 

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