Monday, October 26, 2020

MIB Spooktacular- Performance Specialist.

      Last week I judged the halter classes for the Mares in Black Spooktacular Photo show. Some of the classes were enormous so I got started as soon as they would reasonably let me. I also discovered some fun tricks to help judge a photo show on Facebook. I tried several devices, but my iPad allowed me to scroll through the albums without getting bumped out and having to start over. Then I just saved any photo I wanted to look at again and I narrowed things down until I got to 7. Then the super hard part was putting them in order. It was hard, but it could have been harder. And I am glad I found a way to streamline it. 
      This past weekend results for the rest of the MIB photo show started to roll in. The thing I love the most about shows that are on Facebook is that when your photo places, you get a notification. There were 2 different performance tracks in this show. One was consistency and one was specialist. Specialist had to have a different horse in each photo. This was my entry for What could POSSIBLY Go Wrong? I figured with 2 kids, bareback, a halter, standing on a bucket, dogs running around and an evil plastic bag, something had to. Maybe a more flighty looking horse than Enchanted Eve might have sold this one better. Still, 5th is still a placing. 
     For Strappy I entered Bootlegger stealing all the whips (strappy things). It made me laugh, and that is what counts. That one also got 5th place. 

     For Drama Llama I had a great entry that sounded so fun in my head. I took a ridiculous long time to make a fancy hat for Caramel Latte, draped her in a feather boa and jewels and set up a "Neighs of our lives" audition. I am still really amused by this photo. 

     I also set up this fairly quick photo of Time Lord and a horse-eating plastic bag. This one got 4th place. 
       While sometimes a very minimal entry will do really well, sometimes you have to throw all the things on the table. My Stock Market entry was literally an outdoor market. There was also a stock horse in it. This was also the entry when I realized just how many pink accessories I have collected. And how many 3D printed items I have. This isn't even all of it. I really loved this entry and was super pleased to see it get 1st place!

       I was definitely having a lot of fun watching the results come in for the show. It helped make my weekend pretty great. I spent a ton of time on Saturday sorting and cleaning everything in my house. It took a long time but I got a lot of things that were cluttered much more organized. I also ordered a couple more things for prizes for the Field of Dolls Online show. And I am not feeling at all guilty about it. My friend, Susan Hargrove, made an INCREDIBLY generous donation to the show. I managed to not only get out of show-debt but I could also afford to order a few more pouches from both Larry and Lynn. I am getting really excited for the show! Entries and photo uploading are open until November 20th. (Partial) live results will be on December 5th with full results emailed to all entrants after that. I am still open to any and all donations!

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