Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kayla’s Couch

     When I ordered Kayla, I also ordered a variety of 1/6 scale items so I could make different scenes with her. I have a work table with a folding chair. I also have a working desk lamp. And I have this obnoxiously pink couch. It is really obnoxious. I absolutely love pink, and I could imagine having a pink couch, but not this shade of pink. But this is cool. I was sorting through (everything in my house) the closet the other day and I found the couch. I don't have anywhere to display all of my stuff so the couch is still in a box in the closet. Which means Kayla had her picture taken in the closet. It's kind of dark in there, and it is full of stuff. 

      None of that bothered Kayla. She got comfortable and played on her phone. I guess no one ever told her to keep her shoes off the furniture!
     It is entirely possible, when I have the space, I might build a 1/6 scale dollhouse. Or at the very least a 1/6 scale room box. That would be great! Maybe a studio, with the obnoxious pink couch off to the side. That could be a lot of fun! I wish I could remember where I put my other 1/6 scale dolls. I am mostly sure I did not sell them, but I cannot find them!


timaru star ii said...

I really had to look twice to be sure Kayla was, well, Kayla. Those shoes look so real. All she needs is a knitted afghan -- of course, in pink.

Anne Field said...

Now I need someone to make me a tiny pin afghan...