Monday, October 12, 2020

Definitely Fall

        I used to really love fall. And in some ways I still do, but not as much as I used to. Fall used to be the time of finally not being hot and sweaty, of hoodies and fires, and beautiful fall colors. 
     We are no longer allowed to have fires where we live because of an irresponsible neighbor, so that cuts out a lot of fall fun. And summer fun too come to think of it. It was always a good time to have a fire and sit around outside until late. I miss that. And I miss being comfortable in the fall. I enjoy summer much more these days because I am not cold. I am cold in the fall often. I am cold while I am typing this. Losing a bunch of weight definitely had some drawbacks. 
      One thing we still have plenty of in the fall is beautiful foliage. We have a bit to go before it is really impressive, but the trees have a good start on things. We were out and about on Sunday and Ethan was driving so I had a chance to get some photos. We should go out for a drive in a couple more weeks and see what I can get for pictures then. 
     I do still like fall though it's not my favorite season anymore. I don't think I really have a favorite season these days. I love Spring because once you get past mud season (I live on a dirt road, there is totally mud season) things get super pretty and the weeping cherry tree next door blooms and is amazing. There is so much life and the warmth comes back. Summer is great because I am almost never cold, and when it's not too humid I absolutely love it. Fall is great because I'm not too hot and can sometimes at least be warm with enough layers. It's hot tea season (but it's ALWAYS iced coffee season) and there is beautiful foliage. If I could skip winter I would be OK with that. Maybe I should become a bear and hibernate.

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