Sunday, January 24, 2021


       I have been wanting to make bareback pads for a long time. It was one of those things that I would think about, think about the process, and then not seem to be able to find time for. Finally, I made some time. 

      I started out by making a pad shape pretty much like I make western saddle pads. I made 2 versions of this one before I liked how it came out (the first had fleece instead of felt on the underside and "piping" sewn in... which was a hot mess!). In general, designing this part of the project was super simple. Sewing is the part I am good at. 

      Next I had to work  out how to put a girth on. This was the first attempt. I did not like the ribbon on the edge, the handle was too big and the straps just looked kind of sloppy. 
      I got some different materials and I liked this version a lot better. Though it still needed a girth. 
      The next day I was planning on tackling the girth. The largest buckles Rio Rondo carries are still too small for the ribbon I got to make the girth from. Poop. Now I had to rethink everything. Again. 
     I hunted around on the Rio Rondo Website and I thought about getting the large buckles and making a girth from some leather of the correct width. I still might do a version of that idea, but this is what I currently came up with. Most bareback pads have a single large buckle on each side, but I did see plenty that have a double buckle girth. So I figured I would make one like this so I could at least have a working prototype to play with. 
     And I really love how this came together. I asked Jennifer Buxton for her tack makers opinion on things and she said I should make a shorter girth so the buckles end up lower. She says if the buckle is here on the real thing it is very uncomfortable. Good to know. 

     So this set will get tweaked a bit more. Once I shorten the girth and make new straps I can start to work on some more bareback pads. I want to offer these at my live sale. 
      Hoodie dolls need these after all!
     My current plan is to make them all in black with different colors of trim. I think that can really streamline my process. Later on I will likely do other color combos. But for now I think I'll try to keep it a bit simple. 

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