Tuesday, February 2, 2021

1:9 Scale Dollhouse

       I have always loved dollhouses. And miniatures in general really. My parents had some friends who had an old dollhouse in their basement. I loved playing with it every single time we were over there for a visit. One of my life goals has always been to have a really impressive dollhouse. I had a 4 room dollhouse several years back, but it was not up to the impressive standards I had built up in my head. Probably because it had no bathroom, which is kind of an important room (and 1:12 scale bathroom items are super cute!). The dollhouse went into storage, had some issues, and eventually went into a fire I believe. I still don't have an impressive dollhouse.
      What I do have is the beginning of a really impressive collection of 1:9 scale "dollhouse" items. Many of them are custom made for me. Which is probably why there is so much pink. This is not all of my collection of 1:9 scale dollhouse items, but a lot of them. I have more things on the way and other items I put in a "safe place" that I need to locate. 

     The really cute 3D printed tote and milk crate come from HandcraftedbyKari on etsy. I made the little horse pouches. The My Little Ponies are from The World's Smallest Toys collection. The art supplies in the crate are made by me, bought from ebay and Sinny's Mini Art. 
      The cute little pink and white afghan was made by Melissa Riley. The little teddy bear I believe came from Amazon. The couch is from Terri Wright. 

        The little side table was also made by Terri Wright. The cell phone and drink came from Sinny's mini art and the TV remote is part of a set I got from ebay. 
     Here is a different view of the tote, the crate and the pouches. You can also see the TV that goes with the remote (RC Car shop on ebay) a Yeti cooler (also an RC car shop, but on etsy), and a pink box fan from Enterprise Props. I actually have 2 of those box fans. They are for the barn I also don't have. 
     This is my other new piece of pink furniture from Terri Wright. When I ordered the couch and the chair I wanted them all in pink, but not the same fabric. I thought it would be fun to have a matching but not matching set of furniture. Since the idea is likely that these pieces will be part of a lounge at my barn I don't yet have. The little laundry basket is from Sinny's mini art and the guitar is from Classic TV Toys. In the extreme lower right is a dog bed I made from a bit of fabric Terri sent me. 
      Way off to the left you can see my mini barn I built from a kit I bought at Sinny's. My original pink plaid chair from Terri Wright and my new shelf, also made by Terri. 

     On the top of the shelf is a little clay pot Terri sent me. The mini whinnies were given to me years ago by Larry Nichols. On the lowest shelf is a stack of horse books made for my by Jennifer Buxton and the flamingo given to me by Lynn Isenbarger. 
      So far everything fits nicely in a small (but not too small) tote. I am sure as the collection grows I will need more storage space for things. But for now I have a place to put everything so it is all together and easy to find. Now I just need to find the things that I know are around somewhere. 
      I don't have an actual 1:9m  scale dollhouse, but I have a really good start on things to put in it. And maybe some day I can have walls and things. That would be fun. 


timaru star ii said...

Really like the "I don't have" refrain, with its unspoken echo, "yet." So many times, miniatures are the seeds of future creativity. // I love the afghan and the side table. They truly help make the scene!

mlaiuppa said...

I love that you are doing this. I have searched all over for anyone doing 1:9 scale.

I bought a rabbit doll kit on Etsy and wanted to make him human scale so used artist measurements to construct the body to be in proportion to his head, sans ears and he is 8 inches tall or about 6 feet, which is fine. But I worked out he is 1:9 scale and it is so difficult to find anything that I am resigned to have to learn to build a lot from scratch in order for hit to fit him. I was lucky to find a few artists on Etsy that will custom make or modify some things such as lights and some furniture. Some things I can use that are either 1:12 or 1:6. But I am going to have to make my own doors. I'm also constrained in that I want to stay about 1880-1920/30 for his rooms and furnishings. Not Victorian but more Arts and Crafts/Mission with a bit of Nouveau and Deco mixed in. It won't be a house but more like a two room apartment with an entrance hall/hallway. I am slowly acquiring pieces. Once I have enough furniture I will be looking to see how big the rooms will need to be. I can't afford the space of a 36x18 display so his rooms may be more along the lines of a 9ft square bedroom rather than a generous 14ft square bedroom, which is what I live in.

While I am slowly acquiring pieces I will be working on his wardrobe. I already have the materials. Drafting a basic pattern in next. It doesn't help that he will be a male rabbit with a suit, rather than a female rabbit with a dress. Dresses are so much easier.