Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Break

      I work a lot. I have even asked my doctor for advice on how I can do less and not feel guilty about it. He unhelpfully has said this is just how I am. Thanks. I worked extremely hard to get ready for my live sale. I work really hard getting ready for every live sale, really. And right after a live sale, once everything is packed and shipped, or ready for shipping, I take things a bit easier. For a few days at least. But the closer I get to a sale, the longer hours I end up working. It's very tiring. 
     This time around I had specific dolls and things I wanted to get finished for the sale. I finished up the dolls early on Wednesday (I think Wednesday, lost track of days again) and then I worked on the computer stuff on Thursday. Meaning I got the photos of stuff that I needed to take, I added the group letters to them, then duplicated them and added the claim codes. Then I did all of the scheduling of the photos, plus typed up the schedule so I could publish it to make things easier on people who want to shop. I worked really hard. And then I stopped working all together. 
     Friday I didn't work on any doll work at all. Travis and I went out to Tractor Supply in the afternoon to see if they had the new blind bag stablemates. They have no Breyers at all at the moment though. So I decided to go to Walmart out that way (sort of out that way) and my GPS took us by Quabbin. So we stopped in and got a picture of a sign for Ethan to send to his friend (he forgot when we were there). Then we went to Walmart where I bought a ton of seltzer and lemoncello La Croix. That night I went to a Mares in Black Zoom party and it was great. I had a really good day. 

      Then Saturday I also did no doll work. Though I did have to do a small bit of live sale work. I had to come up with some trivia questions and I printed them out and the schedule. Just in case someone asks me when such-and-such will be up, I can say. I also typed up the live sale rules, which are a bit different than other live sale rules. It's good to have those things in front of me. 
      I was not highly motivated to do things on Saturday really, but we went out to get some primer, in case I get the urge to get back to work on my custom, or on any micros. I also went to T.J.Maxx to get my Skinny Syrups, which I put in my coffee. All the pumpkin stuff is out already. It may be too early, but I like it so I don't care. I have a variety to try out. 
     So leading up to my live sale I took a couple of days off. And it was nice. I had gotten the things done that I meant to, and even though I could have done more, I didn't. I just took a break. Now I need to get all the shipping taken care of, but after that I might take a day or two off before I get into some orders I need to finish off. When school starts I might need to take several days off until I get back into the swing of getting up so early. But I took some time off and I was OK with it. That seems like progress to me. 

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timaru star ii said...

Yes, that is progress. You see, breaks can be guilt-free! The rest of us are still learning that too...