Friday, August 6, 2021


      I really love red and black together. When I started working on this western pleasure doll I had the black chaps picked out for her and then started searching my newly-cleaned fabric drawer to see what I wanted to do for a top. I found red, love red, and decided that would be it. But other than the base color I had no plans for this particular doll. Until I started to put her together. I thought about doing another geometric design with the ribbons, but I already have 2 of those. So while I still went with geometric shapes, I went with a different style. I think she is fun. I built the pattern up in layers, dry fitting before I glued anything down, and in the end this is what I had. 
    I thought about adding some more bling or more decoration, but I really like that she is interesting but not over the top. With her colors she should look good with a lot of different horses. I really like how this doll came out. 
     I have a handful more dolls planned for my live sale, which is next Sunday, August 15th at 2:00 pm eastern. I have some dirty cowboys, a tall cowboy, a dressage rider, and potentially a few more as well. I am really busy, sort of tired, and I really hope I don't run out of steam. So far so good. 


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timaru star ii said...

She's really nice! Definitely strikes that balance between gaudy and not. Congrats on such a good sense of design.