Thursday, August 5, 2021

Hannah Clark is Awesome

     For the Field of Dolls Online Spring show, Hannah Clark donated a large batch of miniature items she made. I believe they are 3D printed, but something about resin... it sounds different than the 3D printing I am somewhat more familiar with. Anyway, Hannah makes the most amazing miniatures and I want and need every single one of them. When she made her donation for the Spring she said I could keep anything I wanted that had duplicates. So many cool things had duplicates!
     I loved Hannah's miniatures so much that I asked if she ever sells them. We worked out a trade and I feel that Hannah was MORE than generous with her end of it! From her product list I chose a bunch of items that I thought would be cool and then basically said surprise me. And I was very surprised, and super pleased!
    I opened the box as I was waiting for the bus to drop Travis off. There was just so much cool stuff! I am very excited about the tiny Keurig and K-cups! I got a bunch of these so some will likely end up as show prizes. 
There is pink horse glitter.
An electric kettle and several jars of peanut butter. All properly in 1:9 scale!
   There are several different colored sets of dust pans and brushes. 
storage baskets. 
lotion bottles (I have soap and hand sanitizer that comes like this as well!)
refill sizes of horse products.
balloons in many colors
      I had barely scratched the surface when Travis's bus came. So I went in and laid out all of the things that are now mine, with Hannah's super helpful list. I must have squeed so much as I was looking at all the miniatures. They are all so realistic and amazing! And I have SO MANY! I also have a very deep love of miniatures. 
      Hannah also donated a bunch more items to the show, with a helpful list. Honestly, the lists are amazingly helpful. 
       Some day soon, when I have a little bit of extra time, I will go through everything again and pull out the things that I mean to keep for myself and get nicer photos. I think everything I will be keeping has duplicates so there will be some show prizes, and potentially some things might end up in mystery boxes. We'll have to see. 


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Danielle Feldman said...

Hannah's miniatures are the BEST and she is incredibly generous!!!