Sunday, August 29, 2021

Back to School

      We have had a busy last weekend of summer vacation! As you know, on Friday Travis and I went swimming with Alex. It was definitely a lot of fun. Friday night Elecktra sent me a selfie of her new hair color, halfway through the process. She said she wasn't good at selfies. So Travis and I leaned together and got a selfie to send back to her. Travis and I are just about selfie pros!
      Saturday morning Ethan, Elecktra, Travis and I got in the car to head up to my brother Bernard's house for a visit and some barbecue. He is a couple of hours away but other than a handful of small accidents on the highway (why can't people drive???) that slowed things down, it was an uneventful trip. It was a super chilly day for August so Bernard got a fire going almost right away. And I basically was enjoying the company of family and didn't remember to take any photos. 
     By the evening it was almost cold and the mosquitoes were pretty bad. So we went inside to extend the visit a little bit more comfortably. Bernard is a drummer and so of course has drums. This is his electronic set. I have never seen anything like it! Travis loves drumming and Bernard was happy to let him play. Clearly he had a great time!
      Yesterday Travis insisted we needed to go to Kohl's and the Holyoke Mall to get pants and shirts. He wanted to go school shopping. We went to Kohl's and that was non-stressful but the mall was horrible. WAY too many people, way too long of lines in any shoe store, and did I mention way too many people? I told Travis he was out of luck and he would just have to make due with his fairly new sneakers and tons of pants he already owns. I know it's nice to have a new outfit for at least the first day of school, but I didn't properly plan ahead and did I mention there were way too many people?
     So school is starting up again today for me, tomorrow for Travis. I have no idea what the year will bring for either of us. I am still planning on taking a bit of time off from dolls this week. We'll see if I stick with that plan or not. 
     Ko-fi also has an update to their system! Now you can choose to buy someone a coffee just once or subscribe and buy a coffee monthly. Similar to patreon. Currently I have my monthly ko-fi activated and I am debating different tiers. But I have no idea what I would offer. The lowest tier is just what it is now, me continuing to post to the blog daily, hopefully making it interesting at least most of the time, and getting a bit of a thank you for doing it. And anyone who chooses to give me support in that way would of course have my heartfelt thanks. Blogging can be really hard. Thinking of things to talk about and not being super redundant can definitely be hard. And it definitely takes time. Oh, my ko-fi is here and if anyone has ideas for different membership tiers I would love to hear them. Maybe I can make something happen. 


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