Monday, August 30, 2021


     School started yesterday. For me. Travis starts today. My day was OK, but weird in some ways. One way it was weird was the classes are shorter again. And we have 7 of them, all in one day. The passing periods are also back down to 4 minutes from the 12 they were last year. I am not a fan. The 12 minutes was more than I needed to collaborate quickly with my co-teachers and get to my next class (usually). 4 minutes is long enough to go immediately to the next class but definitely not long enough to say more than bye to the teacher you were just with, definitely not long enough to go to the bathroom, and certainly not long enough to text or email any of the people I work with. I have a teacher I work with who likes to smugly say that she doesn't use her phone during class. Must be nice to get to STAY IN THE ROOM and not have to run across the school over and over. Some of us use the time they have, when they have it. I also am lucky enough to often have to try to do 2-3 things at once. So yeah, I take my phone out during class. I also am really good at multitasking and helping people, even when my attention is divided. 
     Anyway, last week I hustled to finish up my current orders so I could take some time off this week without feeling guilty about it. Anyone who has been here more than a minute knows I am bad at time off. So I really pushed to get things done. I made this pretty cool western doll and I like how she came out. 
     Vests come in and out of fashion in the real horse world and I have lost track now of whether they are in or out. But Model horses are their own world. So anyway, her vest comes off and she can work pretty well as a working cowgirl. Even though she is technically wearing pleasure chaps. I do actually really love the look with the vest. I wasn't sure if I could make the fringe work, or if I would like it, but I think it looks nice. And it really transforms the overall look.
     So after school I was pleased that it wasn't raining. Mom was over for that last hour between Ethan leaving for work and me getting home, and she and Travis got to hang out outside in the shade. After I was home Travis and I gathered up the laundry to go and take care of that. I feel like it's been a long time since I have talked about Monday afternoon laundry. I still do it every Monday, and sometimes I work at the laundromat, though since COVID I work in the car. Last week I skipped Monday laundry because it rained all day because of the hurricane, so Tuesday I was doing laundry and hairing heads in the car. I have a glamorous life. Try not to be too jealous. 
     After the laundry was done Travis and I tried one more store to find some new pants for him. He doesn't often make reasonable requests but he asked to go buy shirts and pants (clearly he wanted to finish school shopping) and he is tall and very slim, so it is hard to find pants. But Marshall's saved the day! 
     Well day one of school year 2021-2022 is done and only 179 to go. For me. Travis starts today and gets to go until his birthday on June 6th. At that point he will be 22 and will have aged out of school. But we have a long time before we need to think about that. 

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