Saturday, August 14, 2021

Live Sale Schedule of Items


  So running a live sale in this way is more fair to everyone. It takes me an insane amount of time to set it all up, but hopefully that makes everything easier in the end. I have a handful of items of my own that I am letting go of, and then I have a HUGE variety of inventory. Everything has been meticulously scheduled. This sale will be long, but it should work nicely for not making me totally crazy (lol, we'll see) and with the schedule you should be able to see when the items you are looking for will be listed. As always, the times are Eastern times, you will need to convert if you are in a different time zone. I hope this helps! 

     If I like how this larger sale runs as a semi-live sale, and I find that I have way too much extra time, I will cut down the time between groups for the next sale. Just like always, I am playing around with different ideas until I love how something works!

    The items from my personal stash are posted in room 511 on the Facebook group Not going to Breyerfest, Clarion. The items from Field of Dolls Studio are listed in the sales catalog that was posted on my blog yesterday. 

2:00 Live sale starts!

I have some of my stuff, as always

2:04 micro Martin

2:04 horse/doll set

2:05 SM set

2:05 Micro Copperfox Shire

2:06 Rainbow unicorn

2:06 micro Featherstep

2:07 micro pony

2:07 micro Sprat

2:07 micro Castanea

2:08 SM set

2:08 micro Armstong

2:09 micro Touch of Spice

2:09 Chroma

2:10 micro Squirrel

2:10 saddle

2:11 Breyer stable set (not box)

2:11 2 tables

2:12 saddle pad

2:12 blanket

2:13 Stablemate

2:13 micro Chaos mode

This is where the stuff I made stuff starts

2:15 Group A - micro pouches

2:19 Group B- micro pouches

2:23 Group C- micro pouches

2:28 Group D- micro pouches

2:32 Trivia

2:37 Group E- hoodies

2:42 Group F- hoodies

2:47 Group G- hoodies

3:02 Group H- dog sets

3:07 Group I- dog sets

3:10 Trivia

3:14 Group J- doll stands

3:18 Group K- bareback pads

3:22 Group L- bareback pads

3:26 Group M- dog vests

3:30 Trivia

3:35 Group N- cross country kits

3:39 Group O- cross country kits

3:44 Group P- backpacks

3:49 Group Q- backpacks

3:54 Group R- saddlebags

4:00 Trivia

4:05 Group S- casual and dressage dolls

4:09 Group T- cowboys

4:14 Group U- chaps

4:19 Trivia

4:25 Group V- casual English dolls

4:29 Group W- removable helmets

4:40 Group X- Hunt seat dolls

4:44 Group Y- Western pleasure dolls

4:49 Trivia

4:54 Group Z- mystery boxes!

4:59 GO

5:00 Wrap up. Thanks for coming!

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