Thursday, August 19, 2021

Show Prep

     One project ends and another begins. That is just the way of things. My August live sale is all wrapped up, I am just waiting for a few more invoices to be paid so I can ship the items out, but most of the things are on the way to their new homes. Many have even started to arrive. The Shop app will tell you every package that is coming TO your house and also every package that is LEAVING your house. Yesterday it kept dinging at me all day as more and more packages were delivered. It was fun. I also found out that in the mix of packages one was from Breyer. My latest stablemate club model has been shipped. I think this is the only of the offerings for the year that I am not going to keep. 
     Anyway, I have pretty much wrapped up my August live sale, I am taking things more slowly, I even took a few days off, but I do like doing things. And making things. I bought some new printables from Etsy and decided I would start working on some prizes for the Field of Dolls Online Fall show. Which opens for entries sometime in September (I can't remember the date right now). I am still working out some details but the best place to get any news about the show is on the Field of Dolls Online show page on Facebook. 
     I decided to add some halter classes to the show this time around. Not many, I am still much more into performance showing. But halter classes are very popular and I thought it would be a nice addition. I am adding 10 halter classes, by type, the same way Danielle Feldman had them in her Why the Chicken Crossed the Road photo show. They will be split OF and AR/CM. I will have mini rosettes for 1st-3rd in each class (rosettes should arrive today!) and I will have miniatures for 4th-6th place. I haven't decided which is for what but I bought lottery scratch tickets, Amazon mailers and chips. I might just have the chips for other prizes though. I am still looking into more printables to see if there is anything different I can get. 
     I am heavily leaning towards using OMHPS for the Fall show. I am not exactly sure if it would work the way I want it to, but I really enjoy the site. I am going to look into it some more, finish rounding out the show packet, and then add it to the show page on Facebook. But for now I will work on some more show prizes. 

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timaru star ii said...

Stop me from asking whether those are fullscale chips, mailers and lottery tickets. They look so real.