Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Letters Home- Perth

     Continuing my series of my doll, Little Elecktra, visiting friends all over the world, Elecktra is with Glenn and Jaime Rowling in Australia. All of the photos in this post are by Glenn and Jaime. 

Hi Mom!
      I know it's been a minute since I've written to you. I'm visiting with Glenn and Jaime in Perth and it has been very wet for most of the season. I hear it is the same where you are. The difference is you are in Summer and Perth is in Winter! I always thought that was interesting. Their Winter is very different from our winter. It is actually a lot like our last couple of summers, just cooler. I find it interesting that typically our hottest month is July and their coldest month is July. The world is a funny place. 
     Since the weather has been so wet Viv and I have spent a lot of time by the fire. Just reading, talking and having hot chocolate. It's been really wonderful getting to know her. 
Sometimes GB joins in. She's pretty awesome too. I love her purple hair!

     We enjoyed Breyerfest in front of the fire too. It was great to have some friends to hang out with. Some day you and I should go to in-person Breyerfest. Think of all the photo ops for me!
Glenn and Jaime have some really large dogs. They left us alone mostly but sometimes were really quite curious about the fire. 
They also have some proper little dogs and cats. They hung out with us during the Olympics. 
It was great to be able to watch some of the Games. Especially with friends. Remember how you and Daddy would watch all sorts of sports during the Olympics? Two weeks of sports every couple of years and then no sports the rest of the time. Seems about right. 
      Viv, GB, And I also got out to the barn. I got to play with the chickens. 
And meet the horses. This one is Galib. 
He's quite photogenic.
Tavros was really upset that it was time to go back to the barn and strenuously objected to it. Though eventually we got him calmed and back in the barn. 
     There have been a lot more cool things we got to do but I will put those in another letter. More soon!
                      Little Elecktra

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