Wednesday, August 4, 2021

So Much Awesome

       I have been slowly getting things I bought during Breyerfest. For the most part I am saving the sharing of photos until I can get a nice big loot photo. But I do need to share my duck. This is from Bridle Tree Studio (Kenzie Williams) and I forgot that she said she was including one with the purchase of any painted piece from her (which I bought a painted piece from her) so I got 2 ducks since I ordered one. I vaguely thought of selling the extra but runner ducks come in so many colors I may just have to keep it. But I am still debating. I know there are people that didn't even get one duck, so I may sell my extra. Maybe. 
      The other day I also got my July micro from Maggie's Monthly Micros. She is awesome and I love her. She's so cranky! It was also the first time in many months that I have gotten mine before I saw her online (I am in the spoiler group). Immediately after I opened her I looked on Facebook and the first post in my newsfeed was from the spoiler group, lol. Good timing!
      I also got the rosettes in for the Field of Dolls Online Fall show. I think they are fantastic. I have the usual 1-6th rosettes for the specialty classes, plus rosettes for top 5, champ and reserve (these are for showers, not per horse) and then 6 rosettes for special awards that I haven't determined just yet. But I have them!
      I'm having a lot of fun watching the different Breyerfest horses arrive. I am still waiting on mine, but that's fine. I don't have time to enjoy anything right now, my live sale is coming up fast (August 15th at 2:00 pm Eastern on my studio page on Facebook). I am hard at work finishing up inventory and getting things ready for the sale. It has been cool to see the different variations that are popping up for the different special runs. I wonder what other surprises might be in store from Breyer. 

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