Friday, August 13, 2021

OMHPS (Online model Horse Photo Shows)

      Recently I decided to enter the Art of the Horse 2 show (Stone photo show) but I had to get performance pics of my Stone pony Halestorm. Or at least I thought I did. Apparently the Stone show, unlike the Breyer shows, is open to all makes and types of model horse. The things you learn when you read the show packet...
     Anyway, I did get my pics of Halestorm the other day so I entered the show, emailed Elena Lemm, the show hostess, with my OMHPS user name, and when she added me I went to the site to figure out how to enter shows. 
     I have done several shows on Ponybytes at this point and once you know how to use the site it is pretty easy for the most part. I do have the issue at times of not being able to easily find where I was in my gallery to continue with uploading entries. Plus every time I put an entry in a show it duplicates it in my gallery. I have no idea if this normal or just something I have messed up. I deleted some of the duplicate horses in my gallery, which seems to have taken them out of the shows they were in. Which also loses their results and can't be fixed. It's frustrating and I am not sure if I am just doing something wrong. I do like ponybytes, but it sometimes confuses me, I can't imagine how hard it can be for people who are less tech savvy. 
     The Stone Show is being hosted on the Online Model Horse Photo Showing site (OMHPS). I was prepared for a weird learning curve... and it never came. This site is so simple to use. Everything makes perfect sense and I really love the layout. At the top of the page is a label that says My Horses. When you click on that you get a page of all of your horses. 
     When you click on an individual horse, you are brought to that horse's page. All of their performance photos you have added are on the page, and any classes they are entered in at any show is also listed. It is such an easy layout!
     Entering classes is also extremely easy. Once you have your horses uploaded, and their performance classes uploaded, you go to a particular class in a show you are entering and click on eligible horses. Any horses you have that are eligible to enter the class are then listed. Some classes, like other stock, might have all of your quarter horses and paint horses listed as eligible (for example), but the Quarter Horse class will only have your Quarter Horses listed. 
    There are times when you click on a performance class (this was English Trail) and you will see which eligible horses you have and ALL of their eligible photos. Mocha Latte could have gone in with either her arena trail or natural trail entry. 
    So far I have uploaded a whole bunch of performance photos for several of my horses, a bunch of halter horses, and have entered 2 shows. It was very easy to do, super quick, and was pretty fun. This site is so user friendly! I am really considering holding the Field of Dolls Online Fall show on there. Even though I already have the SmugMug account. I will have to consider it and see what I decide. But OMHPS seems to be a wonderful site and I am having a ton of fun using it!


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