Friday, August 20, 2021


    Breyerfest continues on, in some ways, as many people are still waiting on their orders from Breyer. My 2 gamblers choice models arrived the other day so I have everything I ordered from Breyer. I ended up getting 2 of Nouveau. He's really cool, the one I liked the most, but I have both of them up for sale on eBay. I might end up keeping one, but the amount I ended up spending on car repairs and maintenance this summer is making me feel a little bit guilty. I will still have all of the little painted micros I bought, my stablemate from Stephanie Blaylock, and I will have some things coming from Kylee Park's S.T.A.G sale. I really love my Breyer swag, especially the wine glass, though the fit of the Dani T-shirt I got is incredibly unflattering on me so I will never wear the shirt. If anyone is interested in a ladies XL let me know. 
      People have been letting me know that their packages from the August live sale have arrived safely. I snagged this photo from Beth Rappleyea. It is fun to see what she got in her mystery box. I really have very little idea what is in each of them. When I put them together I set out all the boxes and added one item to each box until they all had a good variety of items. I think the only thing that was the same in all of them was each had some tiny money. I do love the tiny money! And I love loot photos!
     I was planning on doing a big Breyerfest loot photo but I don't think that is going to happen this year. A lot of the stuff I got is already for sale, some has already shipped out. Some I am not sure when it will arrive. But I really do like loot photos. And I love seeing happy customers.

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