Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Blogging is Hard

     Blogging is hard. Basically you are talking to yourself and hoping people are listening. It's actually sort of like teaching I guess. I have noticed that fewer and few people have been reading my blog lately. Maybe blogging is going out of fashion. Maybe I am just super boring, anything is possible. The most read post of recent date was the cost vs price post I did several days ago. That one had several hundred views. The post from a couple of days ago had 30. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate every one of those 30 readers, I certainly do, but it is hard to keep going when the readers keep getting fewer and fewer. I am definitely going to try to stick out the rest of the year with at least one post every day, it was a goal after all, but then maybe I will go to once or twice a week. I haven't decided yet. 
     I have even more frustrations with eBay these days. The person who won my volunteer model didn't pay, so I offered the model as a second chance. At this point I have now offered it at a second chance to several of the under-bidders. One actually sent me a message that she already won an auction for one and the others have just ignored me. The model is still unsold and I am vaguely frustrated. Then the person that won my 7 arts surprise model didn't pay, I sent a reminder invoice, nothing, and more than a week passed. So I finally canceled the transaction and sent out a second chance offer on that one. I am not holding my breath. 
     School started for Travis yesterday and that went well. Though it was so hard for me to get out of the parking lot at the end of the day that his bus got here before I did. Ethan was home (but only on Tuesdays), and I know the drivers will wait for me, but it is super frustrating. I get stuck because very entitled parents clog up the faculty parking lot (not in parking spaces, literally blocking people in) instead of going into the pickup lanes to wait like they are supposed to. It's stressful, I don't like being late. 
     I am still managing to take time off from dolls this week. So I am slowly sharing photos of dolls I finished up last week. When I run out of those I will have to think of something else for photos. Because a blog post without photos just seems wrong. Anyway, so far school is going pretty well, I mostly like the teachers I am working with and am figuring out there are more crossovers in the classes. I didn't notice on the first day that I have a few of the same kids in more than one class because there are a lot of people. But I am starting to learn what people's eyes look like (we are all still in masks) and I was reading the class rosters, which also helps. But so far so good. I am still really tired, but that is to be expected. Just 3 more days this week and then a nice long weekend. It sounds wonderful. 


Valerie Lacayo said...

I just recently discovered your blog. I enjoyed your blog on cost vs price blog. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find custom clothes for a doll. I was hoping to have one doll with multiple outfits, I didn’t want to have to buy an army of dolls, I am running out of space to put things and I have a fear of one of my dogs getting ahold of a $200+ dollar doll and chewing it to pieces. Looks I will need an army of doll, now to find the right ones. Thanks again for that great blog post.

timaru star ii said...

The 30 are the most loyal and deserving,... blogging is not dying, merely going through a phase. Watch those words, they are real things.

A blog post without pictures is like scolding. But sometimes you want/need to scold.

Weekly is sustainable,... case in point, yours truly.

Emily said...

Your blog is one of the few I read daily, I love every post you have written if you feel the need to drop the number of times you are posting do it, it's your blog and you should only be writing it if it brings you joy. I am sure your reader numbers will go up again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Blogger counts post views if a person simply goes to the blog's main page and scrolls thru posts, vs going to the post's individual link. In either way, I drop by every day to check out what's going on! Please do what's best for you re: post frequency.