Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Functioning is Hard

     After a live sale I have a big internal struggle. Can I take some time off? Can I take it easy? What should I do??? If I work on model horse projects for myself does that just seem like work and am I defeating the purpose of time off? Staring at the wall is a good pastime, right? OK, I don't usually spend much time staring at the wall, but I have had times where I could not think of what I should do so I basically did nothing. Which usually means randomly scrolling on the internet, watching TV (even on really nice days) or taking a nap. I really am kind of bad at free time. 
     I am also kind of bad at doing things differently after a big push to get ready for a live sale. I have been wanting to see Crystal for a while. I just don't get to see her enough. But even though I wanted to, motivating myself to leave the house to drive to her house (which is not next door but not THAT far away) was hard. I did finally manage it. I'm glad of that. We had a nice visit. I miss seeing my friend. 
      I got this micro Uilleam in the mail. He was another of my Breyerfest purchases. I am getting a lot closer to having everything at this point. I really love how far micros have come. Just look at the detail on this little guy! Now I need to see about getting him prepped and painted. Or tell him to get in line while I work on getting all the others prepped and painted.
     After supper I did a little bit of work on my custom I am working on. Though I forgot to get a picture. Not that there was much to see. I just dremeled down some of the epoxy on her neck. Maybe today I can get into a bit of neck sculpting. And maybe not. Only time will tell. 
     I am hoping that yesterday's weird tiredness was from too many days of pushing myself to finish things and not quite enough sleep the night before. I would like to get a bit of something done today. Maybe get some doll clothes cut out for some orders I have coming up. And potentially sewn. I don't want to get crazy, but I don't want to just lay around and wonder if I have enough energy to take a nap (which is exactly what I meant to say). 

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timaru star ii said...

I don't like to think taking a nap would require energy. Perhaps only enough to give yourself permission not to fret about other things.