Wednesday, April 7, 2021


      The Field of Dolls online Spring show is open for entries until Saturday April 10th 2021. That means that you have until I change the SmugMug password on Sunday morning to enter and upload photos. If you are planning on entering, hurry! If you have not paid your entry fee please make sure to take care of that. 

      The show has TONS of prizes, including miniatures for 1st-6th in all of the regular performance classes. There are mini rosettes for 1st-6th in each of the specialty classes. The specialty classes are double judged, so you have twice as many opportunities to get awesome tiny rosettes! Champs are being done by shower, not horse. The shower with the most points from the entire show will get the overall champion prize. The shower with the second most number of points will receive the overall reserve champion prize. I will also be naming an additional top 5. Which means in total there will be 7 people who receive really impressive prize packs! Currently the plan for overall champ and reserve is a traditional scale horsiemama haversack made by Lynn Isenbarger, most likely a doll, a variety of 3D printed items, a "large" mini rosette (sounds funny, doesn't it?) and most likely other items that are yet to be determined. Top 5 showers will get smaller scale PTDs made by Larry Nichols, a prize pack with a variety of miniature items and also "large" mini rosettes. Every shower will receive something because prizes are awesome!

     I have had a handful of questions come up in the show's Facebook group. Saddleseat entries can show in any English event they are appropriate to be in (pleasure, trail, etc. One photo per horse, per class please. Brightening and cropping photos is totally fine, though no other digital manipulation is allowed. We are not going to tell you where to put your entries. Put them in the class that you feel is the best fit. 

     I am still accepting donations for the show. Both physical prizes and monetary donations are very welcome! Please email me at if you would like to donate. I hope to "see" you at the show! 

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